Personalize Your Light Bulb With Philips hue


Ever wanted to change the color of your light bulb at will? You can do that and more with Philips hue!


Using Philips hue, you have full control of the lights in your house. Set the mood. Change the ambience. Feel different.


There’s a whole range of hue products including the simple hue light bulb, the LivingColors Iris lamp, LightStrips (which we think is the most fun way of decorating your house with be it mood lighting, showpiece lighting or just subtle background lighting).



You can choose from the full spectrum of colors and what’s even better, you can control your hue lights all at the tap of an app. Set hue to wake you up gently with the soft glow of a sunrise, turn all the lights off at the kids’ bedtime or use the timer to tell you when dinner’s finished cooking in the oven. Or have it remind you when your favorite show is on TV!

Find out more via the Philips Official Wesbite for hue

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